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Our name says a lot about what we do here. But what does our motto really mean? It means that we don’t view our clients simply as the set of problems they may have. Our clients are real people with value and potential.  Our ultimate goal is not simply to help you deal with the issues you are facing, although that may be the first step. Our mission is to work together with you toward a way of life that is marked by freedom. Come to our experienced and RCC qualified clinical team and experience hope and healing in your life. Take the first step today!

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Why do we compare freedom to an eagle?

Vern Ward, Calista Ward, Freedom Counselling, Counselling, Vernon BC

One might wonder what watching an eagle flying has to do with counselling. At Freedom Counselling, we believe that an eagle soaring in the sky is a symbol to us of the freedom we would all love to have. At times, though, we may feel like we are being held back by issues in our life that keep us from achieving the freedom we desire. Trying harder doesn’t always seem to work, and it is easy to give up hope. However, it is important to realize that the eagle is able to soar for hours on end by simply doing what it was created to do; nothing more, nothing less. When we as humans function as we were intended to, we also can experience freedom that may otherwise seem impossible. Our mission is to help you to overcome the obstacles that you may be facing, either in your personal life or your relationships. We want to see you flying free too, just like the eagle.

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