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Vern Ward, Calista Ward, Freedom Counselling, Counselling, Vernon BC, WorkshopFreedom Counselling therapists are also professional facilitators, and have had experience teaching and leading workshops, seminars, and/or retreats. Calista and Vern Ward have taught at college and university and have worked together as a presenting team. They are available to provide customized content for your agency, church or organization on a wide variety of topics, such as marriage, communication, intimacy, parenting, and personal growth (e.g. Pathway to Passion, Premarital Anger Management, How to De-Stress Your Life, Eradicating Anxiety, Defeating Depression). Contact us to discuss fees and availability in your area. If you are interested in attending the next “Pathway to Passion” marriage workshop in the North Okanagan area, please email us for details.




workshopsVern Ward is a confident communicator who makes ideas come alive. Presenting to audiences is something Vern is passionate about. Whether it is capturing their attention with a story or analogy, explaining a principle in ways that make it easy to understand, or providing customized information that will help increase productivity or better relationships, Vern has done it all. His seven years of experience teaching at university, and consulting for the BC Ministry for Children and Families as a facilitator have honed his skills as a presenter in a way that engages audiences in the subject matter at hand. Vern’s ability to adapt his style and approach to a wide variety of groups is a strength of his – people listen better if they can relate and identify with the speaker, something Vern does very well. Call today to discuss how Vern can develop or deliver material in a way that will make a positive, lasting impression on your audience!


An entertaining and engaging speaker who knows how to work a crowd, Calista is also known for being able to speak to the hearts of her listeners and communicate principles in a way which empowers her audience. Calista is familiar with speaking in a wide variety of settings. For example, she has:

• Been a keynote speaker at health and wellness conferences
• Run mental health forums with college aged students
• Taught at a Master’s level in graduate program
• Entertained ladies at women’s retreat
• Kept couples on the edge of their seats at marriage conferences
• Communicated to hundreds about healing in families.

Calista can adapt her style and content to suit whatever audience you have in mind. Call today to ask how Dr. Calista Ward can utilize her experience, education and energy to meet the demands of your speaking opportunity!