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Here are testimonials from real, satisfied clients!

Over the past 15 years, thousands of clients have been helped through Freedom Counselling. Testimonials from clients were given in the course of routine written evaluations and were not solicited. Used with permission. Anonymity was assured.

Vern Ward, Calista Ward, Counselling, Freedom Counselling, Testimonials, Kelowna BC“During counselling I gained a valuable knowledge of “how it works” and my self-awareness increased and I am making new choices everyday…”

“Before counselling I felt worthless – Freedom Counselling gave me tools to deal with my feelings in between sessions… After counselling – I feel really good – it has been a very long time since I’ve felt this way…”

“I felt extremely safe and comfortable…“

“Before counsellingI felt like I was the only one who checked in or participated in the marriage… now that counselling is over I feel like we are both checked in and are willing to use the new tools that have been provided on a regular basis…”

“I felt I was being heard and that my ideas were positive. Also, I was able to relate how I felt about my faith and how that would help us rekindle our love for each other…”

“When I came in I was in extreme distress, anxiety, confusion and afraid of my confusion… Now I have a road map ahead with a solid ally to help me navigate the best possible outcome for my children and for myself…”

“[Through counselling] I was able to look at the suppressed anger from my childhood by journaling, eventually getting to a point where this tremendous weight has just felt like it was gone…”

“My confidence is back. I am dealing with challenges head on and have the ability to cope again. I went from being defeated to making future plans and goals…”

“[They were] able to give me the tools and the insight on how I can deal with my anxiety. As of today, I feel like such a different person. My anxiety and depression feel non-existent… I truly appreciate how you have helped me.”

“During counselling I felt l had someone to listen to me and help me see what was real and possible…”

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